The Lullaby Luxe Silk Eye Mask

Lullaby LuxeWelcome to the world of the Lullaby Luxe silk eye mask. We are very proud of our silk eye masks, which feel soft and exquisite against your skin, guaranteeing the most comfortable and rested nights sleep.

Our luxury sleep mask also gives you anti-ageing benefits, so you wake up feeling refreshed with a youthful glow! Our beautiful, handmade silk eye masks are available to buy on and

Why A Lullaby Luxe Silk Eye Mask Is The Best

  • LullabyLuxe_06Made from the most luxurious and softest eco silk – Giving you the most comfortable and luxurious sensation against your skin.
  • Anti-ageing* – Helping to plump and hydrate the skin around your eyes.
  • 100% natural eco silk Unlike satin, silk is a totally natural fabric, and ours have been made with the highest quality eco silk, meaning no chemicals whatsoever have been used in production.
  • Hypoallergenic – Did you know that silk is a hypoallergenic fabric, meaning it gives a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mould. Basically, if you are going to place any fabrics onto your precious eye area, then it needs to be silk!
  • Beautiful, soft and luxurious – Look beautiful, sleep well, and wake up glowing with the Lullaby Luxe holistic silk eye mask.

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Wake Up To Silk And It’s Incredible Beauty Benefits!

silk eye mask for sleepingDid you know that silk is a natural fabric with additional beauty benefits? Research suggests that it has anti-aging properties as well as being able to help with hot flushes during the menopause.  Research published in the Cosmetics and Toiletries Journal by Swiss scientists** showed that ‘sericin’, the protein in silk can adhere to keratin, the protein in skin and hair, helping to strengthen it and form a “homogeneous protective film”.

luxury eye mask for sleepingWhat Does This Mean For Me?

This means that silk helps your skin to form a protective layer, making it easier for your skin to retain moisture, and also benefit from a plumping and anti-wrinkle effect.

Why Your Sleep Eye Mask Must Be Silk!

As well as being a completely natural fabric, and being so soft it gives you the best nights sleep, and most comfortable and luxurious sensation against your skin. A silk eye mask will help your delicate eye area stay moisturized, so you wake up in the morning looking fresher!

WARNING: DO NOT Invest In Satin Or Cotton Sleep Eye Masks!

best sleep masksOther synthetic fabrics like satin, will have an abrasive effect on the skin, and a cotton such as cotton, will absorb the moisture and any creams you have applied around the eyes. This means for your more tired looking and dryer skin around the eyes in the morning! A silk eye mask really is the only option for your precious eye area!


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Why You Need A Lullaby Luxe Eco Silk Mask In Your Life!

best eye masks1. Have The Perfect Nights Sleep

There is no better sensation from a fabric, than the smooth, soft and luxurious sensation of silk. Made from the sofest silk, and made in the optimum size for comfort, Lullaby Luxe masks are the ultimate in relaxation.

However, in addition to having the most beautiful, softest and comfortable silk eye mask, the benefits do not stop there!

best eye mask2. Wake Up Glowing! Benefit From The Anti-Ageing And Skin Plumping Benefits Of Silk

Silk is a totally unique fabric, which can offer you many benefits for your skin. Unlike other synthetic fabrics like satin, silk is able to lock moisture into your skin. It helps your skin to maintain its natural moisture levels, whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

3. Silk Is Natural And Hypoallergenic

silk sleep maskMany man made fabrics on the market are made from chemically intensive crops, which require chemicals, pesticides and herbicides during the manufacturing process.

Silk is also hypoallergenic, which gives it a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold. This really is the only fabric you want next to your skin, and the best sleep mask money can buy!

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4. Our Silk is Eco-friendly And Green

LullabyLuxe_22Our beautiful silk sleep mask is made from natural silk, and is also manufactured by a company specializing in ‘eco’ silk, and priding themselves on their green products.

There is no better sensation from a fabric than the smooth, soft and luxurious sensation of silk, and our luxury eye mask is as pure as you can get!

5. Easy To Look After And Stay Cleaner For Longer!

Because it is made of natural, eco silk; Lullaby Luxe is the best eye mask for you, and will not absorb all the moisture and cream on your face, so it will stay cleaner and grease free for longer!

When you do need to wash your silk sleeping mask, just gently handwash it, in a washing powder or detergent suitable for silk.

6. Your Eyes And Skin Deserve The Best!

silk sleep maskOur beautiful eco silk masks are totally natural, and feel beautifully luxurious against your skin. With added beauty benefits, such as reduced fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a great nights sleep, there is no excuse not to try a Lullaby Luxe Eye Mask.

We are proud of our beautiful masks, and class them as the crème de la crème. In our opinion, the Lullaby Luxe sleep eye mask is the best sleeping mask available on the market today!

Where Can I Buy My Lullaby Luxe Eco Silk Sleep Eye Mask?

Our beautiful silk eye masks are available to buy at Click to visit our link:-

We are available to purchase at and

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Lullaby Luxe


*International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences – Sericin: Pharmaceutical Applications, Jul – Sep 2011

** The Telegraph – ‘Wearing silk helps ease an age-old problem’ 25 Jul 2011

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