The History Of Silk And Why Your Eye Mask MUST Be Silk

Silk originated from China and the nation still leads as the world’s top silk producer and exporter. Interestingly, silk is considered as a very important fabric since it helped spur trade in between China and the Old World, which is referred to as the Silk Road. Trading in silk fostered economic development across many civilizations from China to Persia, India, and Europe. Learn more about why eye masks must be silk here below.

Why is Silk So Good for the Skin?

Besides its long history of being used in luxurious garments of Chinese Emperors, silk fabric has also been proven to have important benefits for skincare. Research shows that it has strong anti-aging effects and also has the ability to help menopausal women deal with hot flushes. Swiss researchers found that the sericin protein found in silk adheres to keratin, a protein found in both skin and also hair. In effect, silk forms a beneficial homogenous protective film which is why eye masks must be silk. This protective layer enables your skin to easily retain moisture as well as gain immensely from an anti-wrinkle and plumping effect.

Why Eye Masks Must Be Silk

Excellent Softness

If you read any silk eye mask review, there is always one thing that is always mentioned, which is the soft nature of silk. Being luxuriously soft, a silk eye mask ensures that you get the best quality sleep at night. Unlike cotton and satin eye masks that have an abrasive effect on your skin, silk is so soft and smooth that you might not even feel that you have an eye mask on when you sleep.

Blocks Out Light Well

If you usually find it difficult to get some quality sleep at night, then getting an eye mask is a good first step. Using a silk eye mask is highly beneficial since it puts you in a gentle state of sleep, enabling you to fall asleep much faster. It is one of the reasons why eye masks must be silk.

Moisturizes the Skin

Why is silk so good for the skin? Basically, it is because it helps to hydrate and keep the skin moisturized. The delicate area around your eyes needs to always stay moisturized to ensure that you wake up feeling and looking fresher. The other reason why eye masks must be silk is because using other regular fabrics like cotton will usually absorb all the creams and moisture around your eyes. That means you will get a dryer and tired looking skin when you wake up. Protect your precious eye area by getting a silk eye mask.

Now that you know why eye masks must be silk make sure you browse our catalogue of high-quality silk eye masks and place your order today.